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Welcome to Seal Rock, Oregon!                                            

Sitting comfortably at Lat: 44.49917 (N), Lon: -124.08278 (W)
SEAL ROCK is a small seaside village encompassing a five mile
tch along Oregon's scenic Pacific Coast Highway. (1)

This unincorporated coastal community is a part of Lincoln County and rests between the popular central coast cities of Newport (to the north) and Waldport (to the south). 

This historic town began as a vacation destination for early pioneers who enjoyed the community spirit of small town living.  In the 1880's, it became a popular resort location with regular visitors from the Willamette Valley, such as former Oregon Gov. William Lord, whose family still owns his original beach bungalow in Seal Rock's tiny village. 

It was not until 1936 that this remote location was connected by bridges to neighboring cities and its true beauty could be enjoyed by all. 

Today, SEAL ROCK's nearly 1,600 residents still appreciate small town life and the raw, undeveloped natural surroundings that thrive along its course.  If you prefer solitude and building memories away from the busy tourist destinations, SEAL ROCK is the place to be.

This great small town offers plenty of activities for visitors to experience and enjoy.

Seal Rock Sunset by B. Goody

Uncrowded beaches top the list, but you will also find delightful galleries, shops, food and 
lodging to round out your visit to this hidden gem.

1) McArthur, Lewis A. [1928] (2003), Oregon Geographic Names, Seventh Ed., Portland, Oregon Historical Society Press [ISBN 0-87595-277-1] - Retrieved 02.08.08


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